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It’s Wednesday: Here’s what We’re Reading!

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

This week we wrap up the first #choiceread unit of the semester in my senior Contemporary Lit class. I thought I would highlight some of the books that have made an impact so far.

1) Stephanie Kate Strohm’s Prince In Disguise was such a hit during #booktasting that two of my students played rock, paper, scissors for who would get to read it first!

Both teens self-identified as “non-readers” at the beginning of the semester. The student currently reading this book has enjoyed it so much and is so proud of her progress that she even mentioned it to the principal who was passing by the classroom. “Look, Mrs. Butler, I’m READING a book!”

2) Here’s what one student had to say about April Henry’s The Girl I Used to Be:

“I picked this book because you suggested it last year and because April Henry writes very interesting books about teenagers, which makes the story even better. I like how mysterious and detailed it is. I chose to keep reading because every time I read a new chapter, something unpredictable happens, which makes you want to keep reading it.”

3) There’s one student in class who claims “not to like reading.” Yeah, so that’s an actual lie because he’s VERY well-read and has strong opinions about what he likes. (Which is unfortunately a genre that isn’t my personal favorite). So I’ve recommended books right and left, inside and outside of that genre, that I did like. Three of my suggestions he stopped reading (admittedly he did make a dent in all of them before deciding no) and one I’m pretty sure he finished solely out of spite so he could tell me it was “cliche.” (I love seniors).

But I adore this teen and the conversations we have and I’ve kept at it... and finally my brain clicked: “SCYTHE!!!!” Yesterday as class is starting he says, “so, you’re going to bring in your copy of Thunderhead, right?!”



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