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Friday Five: Gift Books: Hawaii Life Edition

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

December marks the holiday vacation season also. If you cannot come visit me in Hawaii for the holidays, I'm highlighting some books today to get you in the ALOHA spirit. Think sunshine, surf, and relaxation as you head toward winter break.

These are just a few of my favorite books to introduce readers of all ages to Hawaii life and history. Watch the video below (or see the list of books mentioned).

Books Mentioned in the video: Duke Kahanamoku (You Should Meet series) by Laurie Calkhoven and Stevie Lewis (Grades 1-4) Surfer of the Century by Ellie Crowe and Richard Waldrep (Grades 1-5) Dude! by Aaron Reynolds and Dan Santat (Grades PreK-2nd, and up for using in class) Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman (Grades 8-12) Molokai by Alan Brennert (Adults) Aloha Rodeo by David Wolman (Adults, and interested high school) Three Year Swim Club by Julie Checkoway (Adults, and interested high school) Eddie Would Go by Stuart Holmes Colman (Adults, and interested high school)

Finding My Voice by Mike Reilly (Adults, and interested high school)

Click here for the FULL LIST of gift book suggestions for all ages, PreK-Adult. Uncle Joe? Grandma Joan? Your nephew? Books make great gifts for everyone, especially your own kids, and there is a book for every reader on the list. Also, if you have kids of your own and you plan on getting their teacher(s) a gift this holiday season, consider a monetary (gift card) donation to help them add to their classroom library. We love new books, and so do the students we teach!

In the meantime, this Friday Five will help you kick off your holiday shopping. Or vacation planning?! #yourewelcome Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!


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