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Best New Books Webinars!

Keep current on BEST BOOKS from the comfort of your living room!

Here's the place to find Mrs. Yusko's monthly reading suggestions. These videos are designed to supplement (or replace, depending on your budget) my annual day-long Best New Books seminar.


There are several types of videos that you will find here:

1) SHOUTOUTS! Short (5) minute videos highlighting just one or two specific titles. These videos are free to access, and can be shown in your classroom or watched from the comfort of your living room. While most videos will highlight books for grades 5-12, there will be ones that highlight PreK-5th books also. 

2) BOOK TALKS! Videos (15-20 minutes) that highlight new books that you and your students will want to read. There are some free access sample videos (currently Summer Reading Suggestions Part 1 & Part 2 for grades 5-7, with more added each month). Typically these videos require a subscription to access (see "Plans & Pricing" page to find the one that's best for includes access to "All the Goods!" Webinars listed below). You can also contact me for a personalized book talk video (or Skype session) for your classroom. Length and theme can be determined by you. Cost varies.

3) ALL THE GOODS! Webinars (30-60 minutes) that are designed to be watched by teachers, librarians, administrators, school/library staff, etc. (Though, you could show them to your classes if you really wanted to). These are very similar in style to my day-long seminar: they will include fiction/nonfiction pairings, classroom connections and activities, similar titles, etc. These webinars require a subscription to access (see "Plans & Pricing" page to find the one that's best for you).