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TBR Tuesday

Tuesday is typically the "book birthday" or publication date of new books. So I thought that I'd make "TBR Tuesday" a regular feature to highlight the Top 5 books I'm most looking forward to reading...which may or may not be publishing soon. This week's most exciting books that I'm looking forward to reading are: 1) Imposters by Scott Westerfeld. (Pub. date 9/11/18). A new series set in the world of the Uglies?! Yes, please! I already have students asking about this.

2) We are all that's left by Carrie Arcos. (Pub. date May, 2018). Okay, this one is already out in the real world, but it is new to me. I JUST picked it up yesterday and I can't put it down. 3) The grand escape by Neil Bascomb. (Pub. date 9/25/18). Every time I come across "The Great Escape" or "The Great Raid" on TV I watch it. Every. Time. I love everything about these movies (including all the memories of watching them with my dad). Give me a good war/prisoner/escape story and I'm in. Plus, this one is written by Neal Bascomb! 4) Born scared by Kevin Brooks. (Pub. date 9/11/18). Brooks jumped onto my radar three years ago with "The Bunker Diary" which was one of my favorite books for teens of 2015. 5) Otherwood by Pete Hautman. (Pub. date 9/11/18). I am a fan of Hautman, specifically "Slider" and "Blank Confession," so this new title is definitely at the top of my TBR pile.

BONUS: 6) Saving Winslow by Sharon Creech. (Pub. date 9/11/18). SHARON. CREECH. Enough said. 7) You should meet: Lin-Manuel Miranda by Laurie Calkhoven. (Pub. date 8/28/18). TODAY! My students enjoy this series, and even though I am a tried and true Hamilfan, they love that he helped bring Moana to the big screen. Happy reading!



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