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Top 10 Tuesday: Never Forget

Wednesday is September 11th.

Before I talk about books, I want to highlight an essay by one of my favorite authors, Meg Cabot. Every year she gets requests to re-post it, and every year she does. And every year I read it. I encourage you to do the same. I promise, it is well worth the read. Find it on her blog.

If you want to share books about 9/11 with students this week, this month, or any time of year, here are my #Top10 books about 9/11.

Top Row:

The Day The World Came to Town (Defede). Written for adults, but interested teens (7th - 12th grades) would appreciate this as well.

The Red Bandanna (Rinaldi). Grades 6-12. This is a young readers edition, but you might enjoy the original as well.

The Man Who Walked Between the Towers (Gerstein). Picture book biography for all ages or #classroombookaday.

Thunder Dog (Hingson). Adults, and grades 6-12.

Middle Row:

Nine, Ten (Baskin). Grades 5-8. Probably my favorite middle school fiction title about 9/11.

Fireboat (Kalman). Picture book “biography” for all ages and #classroombookaday.

Hope and Other Punchlines (Buxbaum). New in 2019, this #yalit title works for grades 7-12.

Bottom Row:

Towers Falling (Parker Rhodes). Another good fiction title for grades 5-8.

America is Under Attack (Brown). Grades 2-5 (and up!) Illustrated nonfiction.

14 Cows for America (Deedy). Picture book based on a true story. Grades 2-5 (and up!) and good for #classroombookaday.

Do you have a favorite on this list? Or one not on this list? What book or story do you always share with your students to honor the day?


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