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#mustread: Lu by Jason Reynolds

For the past week or so, I've been posting #mustread book reviews on social media that were written by my students (6th & 7th graders). I love reading what they write about books, and why they think a book is a "must read." Well, I interrupt these posts to include one of my own #mustreads: Lu by Jason Reynolds. This is the 4th book in the Track series, that started with "Ghost" in 2016. "Ghost" has been my "go to" book recommendation for ANYONE in grades 5-10, especially those students who say, "but I hate reading..." I'm not even sure that I can accurately describe the perfect magic that is Ghost and how it resonates with SO MANY of my readers. The fact that it was nominated as one of the 100 Great American Reads on PBS (I may have voted for it every day), and was a finalist for the National Book Award in 2016 should begin to clue you in. I have been a huge fan of Jason Reynolds since I heard him speak in 2014, while promoting the publication of his first book, "When I was the Greatest." HUGE. FAN. It is a testament to the power of his stories that my 16 year old daughter just finished WIWTG and is telling all of her friends to READ. IT. NOW. (I'm not sure that I will ever see my prized autographed copy again, but... #booknerdproblems). If you ever have the opportunity to hear Jason Reynolds speak, in person or on television, DO IT! Drive hours if you have to, you will not be disappointed. Look up his interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and then hope that his segment on PBS' Great American Read series will be replayed. And, of course, read all of his books! Start with Ghost. (If you're a teacher with Scholastic Book Clubs, several of his books are currently available there). I have been anticipating this 4th book in the series that began with Ghost...but also dreading it. I don't want to see the stories of Ghost, Patty, Sunny, and Lu come to an end. And honestly, neither do my students. Because I do not want to giveaway anything about this last book, I will simply say this:


Lu is the perfect final lap to the story of these kids that have become so much a part of our lives. I'm not embarrassed to say that I cried when this book was over. And that I regret not reading it more slowly in order to savor it. My only hope is that someday we will get another story of these kids. I would love to see what their lives look like during their senior year of high school. Thank you Jason, for giving us this series of sports stories that are so much more than "sports stories." That appeal to fans of track just as much as they do to readers who could care less about running. That introduced us to real kids, with voices and lives that provide mirrors and windows. That are authentic and meaningful. That are NOT boring. 💛🧡💚💙 #bookreview #yalit #series #mrsyuskofavorite #favoriteauthor


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