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Maker Monday

I’m lucky that I get to teach a #makerspace elective in the middle school this semester. Three weeks in and I’m loving every minute of it!

I have always incorporated makerspace activities and spaces in my libraries and classrooms, but to actually get to “teach” a class...? So very lucky!

Because I

1) don’t have my own classroom or place to store materials,

2) have 27 students in a classroom built for 16, and cannot spread out and set up stations,

and 3) have multiple grade levels,

I am making the curriculum as I go week-to-week. But isn’t that what education is? Learn, teach, adapt, repeat.

So far, I’ve been keeping with my goal of rotating through 4 types of classes/“lessons”/activities:

1) Coding

2) Creativity

3) Building and board games

4) STEM challenges

Growth mindset, thinking outside the box, collaboration, and resilience are always part of our lessons! The first few weeks have been free-form exploration of choices available depending on how the day is designated. (See the photos from our introduction to and our first “free build” day).

This week they they will get their first Team STEM challenge where they’ll have to work together and go through the design process. Fingers crossed!

Do you have favorite middle school Makerspace activities, lessons, books? What is popular with your students?


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