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It’s Wednesday, Here’s What I’m Reading

In 2017, I included Meagan Spooner’s “Hunted” in my #yalit Best New Books seminar. A darkly atmospheric, Russian firebird-inspired retelling of Beauty and the Beast, it was one of my favorite books that year.

And it had had the BEST dedication:

“To the girl

who reads by flashlight

who sees dragons in the clouds

who feels most alive in worlds that never were

who knows magic is real

who dreams.

This is for you.”

Raise your hand if she’s talking about you. <raises hand>

So, I’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity for her current book (#booknerdproblems). And when they finally revealed the cover, I was even more excited.

My library hold for the audiobook finally came through so I’ve been listening to this one all day. Stay tuned for my review (or follow my reviews on Goodreads).

What are you reading?



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