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Friday Five: The first 5:00 of this month's BEST BOOKS webinar

In addition to teaching middle school, I travel all over the country presenting seminars to teachers, librarians, and administrators on the BEST NEW BOOKS for K-12 students, classrooms, and libraries. I LOVE talking with people who love talking about books...and adding to everyone's TBR pile. It is definitely a great way to spend my days when I'm away from the classroom. Sometimes I present for the Bureau of Education & Research (BER), sometimes I present directly for schools/districts/state associations that bring me in for the day. Last year, I presented over 80 day-long seminars on "Best New Books"...whew, that's a lot of travel (and also meant that I had to take a year off from the classroom/library). In order to get back into the classroom, I have cut my BER travel schedule in half, which sadly means that there are many cities that I won't be visiting this school year.

Cannot attend a seminar in person? Not one in your area? Here's what you can do: 1) I am still scheduling school/district/state library full-day or half-day seminars this school year upon request. Check out the options here and CONTACT ME!

2) Become a SUBSCRIBER! In order to accommodate all the people who cannot attend in person, I've started recording monthly webinars of BEST NEW BOOKS. I will post these 50-60 minute webinars every month this school year (through June), plus a back-to-school edition in August. I'm currently running a SALE on the Teacher-Librarian rate (now through 11/16/18). It is a budget-friendly PD option compared with attending the full-day BER seminar, and you can watch/listen from the comfort of your living room, at your leisure. There are two different levels...something for every budget.

To entice you to subscribe, I've made this week's Friday Five video a sample of the September/October webinar. It's the first 5:00ish minutes of the Best New Books for Grades K-12. (Because it covers two months, this first one is about 75 minutes long). If you like what you see in the sample, subscribe ASAP and you will get immediate access to the full-length webinar...and all webinars for the next 12 months. You also get access to book talk videos that I do periodically that can be shown to your students (or watched with your colleagues). HAPPY READING!


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