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Friday Five: #FeednRead edition

Since our #FeednRead literacy outreach program was just recognized in the paper, I thought I'd highlight the 5 most popular books at this week's event. These five books were popular with kiddos who were able to choose a brand new book or two to take home (for FREE! Thank you Scholastic Book Clubs and First Book for offering low cost titles that allow us to always give new books to all the kids in attendance). And a few of these books even had volunteers reminiscing about reading them in classrooms and for bedtimes. It is fun to share the reading of these stories (some of my absolute personal favorites) with students new to the books...but also with adults who have fond memories attached to the reading of these stories.

On a side note, Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson would have been in the top 5 if we had had more than 2 copies to giveaway. I saw several games of rock, paper, scissors being played for who could take the books we had available. See the photo below of one of the lucky "winners."

Happy Friday and Happy Reading!


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