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Feed N Read: Valentine edition

Another #FeednRead went off without a hitch this week. And there was a lot of LOVE going on in honor of Valentine’s Day ❤️

Volunteers, both veteran and new, adult and teen, shared stories, smiles, and a meal with our kiddos over the course of the evening. And because it was Valentine’s week, kids could make cards, write letters, color bookmarks, and complete more fun literacy activities.

These are just a few images of the F💗N!

My personal highlight was spending a few moments with this young man (see below) as he was deciding which two NEW books he was going to choose. (Part of the Feed n Read experience = our participants get to choose at least one BRAND NEW BOOK to keep. Book access builds readers). He wanted to show me how he’d been practicing his reading since I’d last seen he stood there and read me the entire book! (FYI, it was Space Cows by Eric Seltzer. A fun, and funny, read. And a good choice for those very beginning readers. The picture actually shows him perusing Henry and Mudge and the Sparkle Days by Cynthia Rylant, which is the other book he chose).

You can see just how happy he is to be able to read this book! #heartmelting

If you want to read more about our program, check out this previous post. And/or the article in our local paper.

Want to to make a difference?

1) Come join us at the next event: March 12, 5:30pm - 7:00pm!

2) Support Daylight Mind in Kona and THANK them for supporting us!

3) Not local? We can always use NEW books. Email Shauna Yusko to find out how to contribute to our wishlist.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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