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Summer Reading, Round #1

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Hard to believe, but we are 20% of the way through #60DaysofSummerReading.

Time flies when you're reading books.

I thought I would pause and list my first 12 Summer Reading Suggestions. Check out Instagram for suggestions each day.

1) The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James by Ashley Herring-Blake. ALL THE STARS (or hearts) for this one! A must-read for grades 5-8.

2) Handimals by Silvia Lopez and Guido Daniele. Besides being gorgeous to look at, and filled with animal facts, this will likely inspire many wannabe artists to try their hand (no pun intended) at recreating the hand art. Gorgeous! A must for all elementary library collections.

3) Don't Date Rosa Santos by Rita Moreno. A refreshing #yalit rom-com with a strong sense of place and community. Grades 8-11.

4) Liberty Arrives by Robert Byrd. Engaging, informative, and beautifully illustrated. A look at the gift that was the Statue of Liberty. MUST READ. Grades K-5.

5) Saving Fiona by Thane Maynard. I ADORE this true story about baby Fiona, a hippo born prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo and the efforts to save her. WITH PICTURES OF THE BABY HIPPO. Grades K-2

6) Rocket to the Moon by Don Brown. This title launches (wink wink) Brown's new graphic novel series: Big Ideas that Changed the World. This is fantastic, done by a master, and you will want multiple copies. For science and history fans alike, and anyone that enjoys the Hazardous Tales series (Hale). Grades 4-8.

7) 25 Fun Things to do For Your Neighbors by Paul Mason. Random acts of kindness meets Sunday Funday in this guide to community service projects. Grades 3-7 (or family projects with slightly younger kids).