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3 on a Theme: Beatles

Every time I see a preview for the movie "Yesterday," all I can think about is how it seems VERY similar to the story in a book I used to book talk with my middle schoolers all the time.

Since the movie is out in theaters now, I thought that this week's 3 on a Theme (+1) would be The Beatles!

The Girl Who Became a Beatle by Greg Taylor. (Grades 6-10)

This is the book that inspired my post today. A girl makes a wish to be as famous as The Beatles. And then wakes up in a world where no one remembers the Beatles except her... and now her band has replaced The Beatles in music history. I vaguely remember this book being "optioned" for a film, so I hope this is the film... and that the author gets credit!

Beatle Meets Destiny by Gabrielle Williams (Grades 8-12)

A teen named John Lennon (nickname Beatle) meets his dream girl: Destiny McCartney. It has to be the perfect match, right?

John Lennon by Elizabeth Partridge (Grades 6-12 & ADULTS)

National Book Award Finalist Partridge's OUTSTANDING biography of John Lennon.

Plus 1: Fab Four Friends by Susanna Reich

If you're looking for a #picturebook biography of the group, this one is it! Perfect introduction for grades 2-5.


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