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QuiverVision is MAGIC

One of my favorite apps right now is QuiverVision, a 3D augmented reality coloring app (available in IOS, Android, and Amazon).

It combines physical coloring pages with augmented reality technology to make the coloring page "come alive." Download and print the coloring pages (there are free and paid options), COLOR, then scan the QR code on the page and watch what happens.

One of my favorite lessons is to pair a reading of The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds with the corresponding QuiverVision coloring page when we celebrate Dot Day.

But I also love QuiverVision as a station in the library, for early finishers, or as an option at our #FeednRead events. Including our most recent one.

The theme was "Summer Reading Ready" so I downloaded the "Summertime Shells" coloring page. The young gentleman in these photos colored his page and was SO proud of his artwork. Then we told him that something special would happen if he scanned it with the iPad (manned by one of our teen volunteers). In this case, when you tap on one of the colored objects in the app, it plays music.

OMG, the SMILE on his face. He spent the entire evening telling anyone who would listen about the "MAGIC" (his word) he witnessed and how to make it happen. He started handing out coloring sheets to everyone, hurrying them to finish coloring so they too could experience the "magic," and grabbing teens and adults and demonstrating how it happened. His ENTHUSIASM was so contagious and made everyone smile all night long. And the fact that he was communicating with anyone and everyone who would listen despite English being his second language was a delight to watch.

Please don't think that this was "just coloring." It was so much more than that and even if for just a moment in time, it built a community around this shared activity and experience. I feel blessed to have watched it unfold.

Check out QuiverVision and definitely add it to your Dot Day activities. All ages enjoy this!


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