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Friday Five: TED Talks

Updated: May 7, 2019

Each week in my high school Contemporary Lit class this semester we have "TED Talk Tuesday." It is a chance for my seniors to hear ideas outside of our classroom, and is a fairly informal class day for us.

Most of the TED Talks are around 20 minutes and I post them directly to our Google classroom so that students can watch on their own devices. Sometimes I post specific questions I want them to think about and respond to, but often I simply want their reaction/response to what was said. Do they agree or disagree? What were their takeaways? What did they learn?

Since we are a literature class, I have focused our TED Talk choices on ones given by authors. For this Friday Five, I thought that I would highlight our 5 favorite ones this semester, or at least the ones that prompted the most discussion/reaction (in no particular order).

Do you have a favorite TED Talk? Do you use TED Talks in your classroom?


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